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Tips for writing your posts

Content is King: This is well known. You have to write information which is useful. For this you must actually have knowledge of what you are writing, or the very least, be willing to first gather substantial knowledge before writing a post. In other words you must first have something which you would like to optimise. Let me tell you my experience. This is the third blog I have started on investing and personal finance. The first two blogs came before my actual investing experience. They were not successful and later I deleted them. But when I started this third blog, I actually had some experience, knowledge about online trading, demat accounts, mutual funds, etc. So i knew exactly what I had google searched for, what information is difficult to find, etc. That made my task of choosing the content much easier. You must know or at least be willing to find substantial information about majority of posts you write. Otherwise i think its a waste of time.

The role of Keywords: It is important to keep one or two keywords in mind while writing every post. For example
, suppose you plan to write some posts on Mutual Funds. Instead of writing 10-15 general posts, each touching every aspect, it would be much much better if each post focussed on one or a group of related keywords. You must also learn to tastefully sprinkle your keywords throughout your post. The number of meaningful occurences of a keyword is extremely important in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Almost equally important is the number of occurences of keywords which are closely related to your chosen keyword. Here is a simple tip to get a list of keywords related to your chosen keyword: Go to Google Insights for Search. Type your keyword. At the bottom of the page, google will show you Search terms related to the keyword you typed. If a meaningful inclusion of those related keywords in your post is possible, please make an attempt. Another way to find related keywords, is to actually do google search using that keyword and variations and google will give a list at the bottom of the page. Or you simply one or two other top-ranking posts on that topic to get an idea.

Interlinking your posts: After choosing a topic, and writing different posts on it, each focussing on a group of related keywords, it is important to interlink your posts. For example, if the keyword of one of the posts appears in another, make a link. Also, you should make an attempt to make those links more meaningful. For example, if a page is pointing to a Gold-price chart make a link which says Gold Price Chart instead of something vague like "click here". When search engines analyze a page content it is possible they also analyze the content of the links provided on that page. How exactly this helps in Search Engine Optimisation is difficult to say quantitatively. But another advantage of interlinking your posts is you increase the time each visitor spends on your page. By providing relevant links, you encourage her/him to click on them and thus spend more time. Providing extremely relevant external links is also a good habit. Try to put a "Related posts" link after each well written post or you could also put it in between the post wherever relevant using "Also Read: ***" template.

Choosing a title for your posts: It is very important to choose a catchy, yet relevant title for your posts. It is important that the main keywords for your post appear in your title. It is worth spending a couple of minutes to actually think of a suitable title. The reason for this is when your post appears on google search page, the viewer is going to decide which site to click on mainly based on the title (and a short snippet below it, this google automatically selects). As an example: A title like "Make money by investing in Gold" is better than "Gold investing". It is also important to keep the title short. Because google will display your post title, ony upto a limited length on its search webpage. As an exaggerated example if your post title is "The one and only famous post which gives guidance for how to invest in gold" then probably google will just cut short and the title actually visible people doing google search will be "The one and only famous post which give guidance" the rest will be cut. Also: Do not change the title of your posts or your blog title frequently. Changing a title seems to have a negative impact on search engine ranking and may result in sudden decrease of traffic.