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Setting goals

There are mainly two types of visitors that will visit your blog:

1. Visitors from Search Engines: These are valuable because they are the ones who are hungry for information and most likely to click on your Google Adsense ads. Also some of them who like your blog can turn into regular visitors, thus increasing your daily traffic. It is to get these types of visitors for whom the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important.

2. Regular visitors: These types of visitors get accustomed

to seeing Adsense or other ads on your site and are hence less likely to contribute less as far as ad-clicks are concerned. However they are important

for a number of reasons. Whatever algorithm google uses to determine the importance of a page, whether be it backlinks, or number of active feeds or whatever, it is an ever improving and a secret algorithm. But I think that the fact itself that a site has regular visitors, is likely to eventually contribute to the importance of your site in the eyes of Google. Some of these regular visitors may themselves have a blog and may provide you backlinks, others may tell their friends about your site, etc.

It is a matter of tremendous patience to start from a blog having initially no visitors and reach a stage where you have a constant flow of visitors contributing to your Google Adsense or blogging income. I suggest, in order to keep your motivation (especially for new bloggers) you set goals. For example:

1. Goal 1: Write 25 quality posts on chosen relevant topics.
2. Goal 2: Get 100 unique visitors to your blog. For a very new blog, this may take at least a month or two or maybe even more.
3. Goal 3: Get to a stage where you get 10 visitors arriving from search engines.
4. Goal 4: Get a Google Adsense account. (may require your site to be six months or older)

and so on... you can chalk out your own plan.

For me, going from zero to five daily visitors was more difficult than going from five to fifty. At the time of writing this post I am getting around 100 unique daily visitors and about 200 page views. It is a good idea to install some counters to track statistics of your website. I recommend either or