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Is Facebook Good For PPC?

It’s been said that Facebook is not a good model for pay per click advertising. I don’t think we should rush to judgment. Perhaps no one has really created a PPC camapign that has risen to the same level of success as that of Google. But I think it’s possible.

First, I would not start my social media campaign with paid advertising. The first step must be to build a solid base of friends and fans with your Facebook profile. Then you’ll want to build Facebook pages for each of the products and brands that you want to promote. After that, you’ll want to join a few groups that are related to your niche and start one of your own. Make sure that your group is different than any of the others. You don’t want any cross-pollenization of similar groups. Fill your own niche. Where is the market short?

After you’ve taken the first necessary socials steps on Facebook and have a solid base of fans, then you should start a test pay per click advertising campaign. You’ll want to drive traffic to your Facebook landing pages. It is less threatening than your website or blog. You’re only paying 5 cents per click on Facebook so don’t fret. You can still set a $5 daily limit. But one other thing you’ll want to do is establish your targeted demographic. You don’t want to pay for untargeted clicks. Therefore, make sure you are targeting the right market and driving them to the right landing page.