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Advanced Segmentation Has Arrived At Google Analytics

Google Analytics announced a few days ago that it has added advanced segmentation. This is good news for pay per click advertisers.

Advanced segmentation allows you to break down your visitors into smaller segments for better analysis. For instance, you can look to see how many of your paid search visitors have converted. If the percentage isn’t big enough for you then you can tweak your ad content or landing page to increase your conversions.

Not only can you look at segments that are natural and created by Google Analytics, but you can create your own segments as well. So if you have special data that you are interested in that other PPC advertisers might not consider then you can create your own advance segment categories and track them all through Google Analytics.

Advanced segmentation can also be used for testing. Let’s say you want to test a new market. You can create an advanced segment category for that marketing. It can be a geographic market, a demographic market, or a another segment type, but it allows you to test a landing page for a particular segment of your marketing.

There are other applications you can use the advanced segmentation feature for as well. I’d encourage you to play around with it awhile or let us know you’d like to add some advanced segment categories to your Google Analytics and we can help you drill down.