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How to use adwords effectively

People who have been using link building are satisfied with AdWords. Ad Words is actually a flagship of Google where people can publicize their text advertisements or banners.

Ad Words is one of the main sources of revenue, which has profited a lot of people. AdWords allow people to publicize their advertisement and people can visit the associated website through a single click.

Ad Words has become the best match for the affiliate programs, as AdWords will provide you with the some excellent services. With AdWords you can easily support many other affiliate programs on the same web site by simply sustaining the topic. AdWords will help you to gather quality traffic and will also lend a hand to increase this traffic by making you one of the valuable resources. Creating your own website is like being a big brand and supporting other brands and this is only possible with AdWords.

Not only this, people start respecting your propositions and suggestions when you become a valuable resource. The best part is that it helps to enhance your production and sale, obtain quality traffic and also helps to bestow you with a good rank in the competitive online market. For working effectively with AdWords you can bear in mind some important notions like a smarter way to present your advertisement, making attractive graphics, adding content rich pages while page load and lot more.

According to some people, you should try to avoid borderlines in the advertisement or banners. This will help to congregate quality crowd thereby increasing your sales. There are many people who have been earning good revenues from the website itself, but still adopt for AdWords in order to make profits. AdWords have satisfied a numerous people around the world and you can also be benefitted by it. So opt for AdWords now and take all the advantages.

Keyword research

To gain better exposure and value for your campaigns I suggest you use the free Google keyword tool to search for the top queried keywords. They also show the advertising congestion which will give us a rough idea what people are competitively bidding on and which keyword to optimize our site for.

There are a lot of other websites too which provide top paying keywords. Some of them are

These are mostly paid sites. When you subscribe to them you will be able to access their database of top paying keywords. They will return the maximum bid that was placed on that particular keyword, the average search volume and so on. But don’t get fooled by the statistics. Why? Because statistics ‘LIE’. Mostly you won’t even get 10% of the bid amount said on a particular keyword. Why? Simply because these are the maximum bids on a keyword. Hence are not flat rate amount and hence tend to vary with competition and other factors.

Geo targeting-

This is a powerful feature most users tend to ignore. Simply because they feel reaching a wider audience increases their chances of revenue or sales. Well you guessed wrong. If you sell products in Delhi, India and you advertise for a global market, most of your click through will go to waste because people prefer local sellers for any products unless of course you own eBay (Still have you not figured out why eBay has separate stores for different countries? Even you tube does!!!). In case of advertising your affiliate products on money making and all geo targeting should be disabled.

Ad rotation

Constantly change your ad after carefully studying the click through you get. Even a small change in the title may affect your keyword dramatically. So run a test ad with a small budget first.

So in short to get full benefit from ad words do the following

  • Analyze competition.
  • Research keywords.
  • Geo target.
  • Run a test ad