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5 steps to Unlock Flagged Blogger blog yourself

The number of Blogspot/ Blogger blogs are increasing day by day or you can say hour by hour. Out of these many of them are intentionally created for spamming but what to do when your blog has been locked for no reason; I mean if your blog doesn’t violate Terms and services of Blogger and still you face this situation.

Blogger blog can be locked if your blog has spamming content, malware posing possible threats or anything against TOS; OR Some Malicious users may have flagged your blog reporting it abuse to Blogger using NavBar of your blog. Many inncocent Blogs are caught in crossfire for no use. Blogger system without reviewing it first locks your blog and then you can’t do nothing instead of waiting. Read on to unlock it yourself…

For Example your blog URL gets locked, First of all don’t panic! Your blog has not been deleted. Instead, you will not be able to post until your blog has been reviewed and cleared by a member of the Blogger team. But when this reviewing process will complete? Follow the steps.
  1. Go to Blogger in Draft, Create a new blog (Yes, you do have access to your blogger account eventhought blog is blocked) and For example the new blog URL is
  2. Now, Go to setting tab of your new blog and from Blog Tools column, Click on Import Blog. Import all your blog posts and comments of to
  3. Now, Go to Settings of locked one ( and under Publishing tab- Give Blog*Spot address as anything except sony or tony. Let us call it
  4. Again Go to settings of and under Publishing tab, change the Blogspot address to
  5. Done, Your Locked blogger blog is now unlocked, You can now post, edit, delete anything you want as a normal blogspot blog.
This happenss because, Blogger systems while blocking a blog takes into account your blog ID not the URL of your blog. Blog ID is a unique number given to all blogs for their identification by Blogger systems. It generally appers while your are on control panel of a Blog. For example -

Whereas you are interested in Blog URL not its ID, isn’t it? So, getting locked Blogger blog is easy but this post is not for promoting malicious content or spam on Blogs. You should not spam because you are getting free hosted full fledged Blogger hosting for free and it’s great to use it. This tutorial is published to help those innocent bloggers who have been a victim for no purpose. Since, Blogger will not get time to review your blog manually (I think so..) and so, you will have to take this steps.

It is recommended to always have a backup of your blog on any dummy URL for safety.