Adsense Tactics

An easy way to start monetising your website is to make use of google Adsense programme. I will assume most people are familiar with what the programme is and how it works, if not there are many guides, the most useful being google itself.

However, many feel Adsense has had it’s day in the sun, and people these days don’t bother to click on ads. One drawback is blogs receiving traffic from other blogs. No matter how popular a blog is, chances are most of their income comes from either membership or affiliate products. Adsense itself has an affiliate programme. But here I’m giving an idea for an Adsense tactic. It is largely dependant on SEO, and attracting other website traffic (not just blog traffic)

Attract Search Engine Traffic

A lot depends on what your website offers it’s readers. Example; My guitar site. This is my top site for search engine traffic. This because it is more popular, and is focused on it’s subject. I get a lot of traffic from people looking for free downloads of guitar scores.

Although I offer some music scores, I only upload my own or copyright free. Remember though, if people come to your site and get the downloads they want, why click on ads taking them to another site? Far more likely if they do NOT get what they want at your site they will click on the ads on your page, IF you attract targeted ads.

A lot of search engine traffic is potential buyers or looking for free downloads. If your site attracts buyers for products, these are the people most likely to click on ads.

However, I do not like cluttering up my site with ads all over the site. Remember you can place ads on selected posts, or on single posts, the latter by going to theme editor in wordpress, and clicking on single.php to place the ad code in. Or simply edit a post already published, and use html format and add the code to the post where you want the ads to appear.

So be selective with website ads, work out a strategy and try it over a few months to see how it goes. Remember, Rome was not built in a day…But some of it’s foundations were dug :)