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Checking various parameters like Page rank ,Alexa rank,Compete rank,Whois data,Meta Data ,robots.txt file ,Link report,Keyword density etc. are too important for a webmaster or seo professional for knowing more about his or competitors website


Check Pagerank/Alexa/Compete/Whois/MetaData/Links of a website using a single Firefox addon
Before using search status Firefox addon, it was pretty difficult task for me to gather all these data as they were done separately.

search status firefox addon
As shown above , search status Firefox addon will display the Page rank/Alexa rank of a website on load event .

Other functions can be accessed by clicking on the search status icon.

Following is an example of meta data fetched by the addon from my site.

Download search status Firefox addon to check Pagerank/Alexa/Compete/Whois/MetaData/Links of any website using Firefox.