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Google AdSense program is one of the affilates marketing held by Google. This program can generate dollars for you, you do not need to spend more money to get dollars! Simply have a website and the list to see, you live to wait several days the money will flow to your hands!

But I do not pleased. For a list of adsense is not as easy as you think. Adsense team will first see your site. Is eligible for the program adsense this!

Many beginners adsense because of the confusion, the failure register in the google adsense. But do not worry because there are ways and tricks for the easy, lazy google.


You must have a website / blogs must first register before adsense.

If you do not try to make the website domain free packing because google less this regard. But if you want to create a blog, create at because bloggers are still owned by google.


Choose a theme that matches your website, that about many people searched, and important because google will predict the brightness of the future of the web you!


Use the website with the English language, do not you list the website / blog using your english. Google also is less so I look website / blog using the language of Indonesia. In addition, a website / blog parenting, language, adsense ads rarely appear because adsense ads that appear will adjust the content websites / blogs.


Enter the website / blog with articles in English (this is easier for Google to see your website and as a consideration for google). You simply create the article in a British or difficulties you copy and paste from some websie / blog, of course, include the source and content of the website / blog as many as 10 articles or more.