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PPC Optimization: Kill The Jargon

In every business there is a language. Many times that language is unique to that business. Doctors and lawyers may speak Latin, but almost no one else does. Even then, the Latin is a modern American Latin. Well, it’s all Greek to me.

But I’m not talking cultural languages here. I’m talking professional languages. Jargon. You know what I mean.

Jargon is language used by people within a specific industry that allows members of certain professions to communicate with each other and have a level of understanding about the concepts you are discussing. It’s unique to that industry and people outside of the industry likely won’t have a clue what you are talking about. What you as an advertiser need to do is figure out what your customers call it. They won’t search for the Winding Widget with a Kung Fu Grip. They’ll just call it a flyswatter.

OK, bad jokes aside, kill the pay per click advertising related jargon. Learn what language your customers speak. Do the research. And use keywords that the search engines understand because that what searchers understand.