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How To Know The Reader

What is every body like and looking for in the world, you can analist and check with tools from google trands Labs.

Google Trends Labs
Your can know about reader you can know about websiter reader and people.

You just fill what you want to be analist from the box google trands labs.
example :

What people want in this world you will know just in one second.

Family Healty or about baby healty or about home which one is the most

The result is Google Trends Labs
and which country that the most people like you can know by Google Trends Labs

google trends labs

Which the most people wanted
Home or Otomotive or healty will analist Google Trends Labs

google trends labs

Will will know about the reader about :

People most topic what type of handphone , baby siter or sport just try Google Trends Labs

This tool can also use for a business what product that people most wanted

It also good for analist your google adsense